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Welcome to Kraff Eye Institute, your premier destination for LASIK eye surgery in the heart of Chicago, easily accessible from the Lake View neighborhood. Led by the pioneering Dr. Colman Kraff, our institute has been at the forefront of refractive surgery since 1991, offering unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your vision clarity or correct long-standing refractive errors, our downtown location provides an exceptional reason for Lake View residents to make the short journey for top-tier eye care.

Experience why so many from the Lake View neighborhood trust Kraff Eye Institute for their vision needs, benefiting from our history of innovation, including our role in pioneering the VISX Excimer Laser procedure and our consistently high patient satisfaction rates.

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Cutting-Edge Vision Correction at Kraff Eye Institute

At Kraff Eye Institute, we specialize in a variety of vision correction treatments tailored to meet the diverse needs of our patients. Our primary service, LASIK eye surgery, is sought-after for our precision and effectiveness, and high safety standards, helping you achieve clear vision with a procedure that’s quick and minimally invasive..

In addition to LASIK, we offer PRK surgery, a great alternative for patients who may not be ideal candidates for LASIK. Each treatment utilizes advanced laser technology and is performed under the guidance of Dr. Colman Kraff, ensuring optimal outcomes with a focus on safety and comfort. 

Why Choose Kraff Eye Institute?

Kraff Eye Institute stands out in the Chicago area for several compelling reasons. First, our dedication to incorporating the latest advancements in vision technology sets us apart, providing you with superior results.

Our convenient location in downtown Chicago is easily accessible from Lake View, Chicago, making it simple for you to travel for your appointments. We understand the value of your time and strive to make each visit as efficient as possible.

Furthermore, our involvement in FDA clinical trials for new technologies allows us to offer innovative and new solutions that may not yet be available at other centers. This commitment to pioneering vision care ensures that you receive the most advanced treatment options right in the heart of the city.

Explore Our Downtown Chicago Location

Located at 25 E Washington St, Kraff Eye Institute is nestled in the bustling center of Chicago, surrounded by the city's vibrant cultural and architectural landmarks.

As you approach our facility, you'll find yourself amidst a thriving area dotted with renowned eateries, chic cafes, and ample shopping options, making your visit both convenient and enjoyable.

For those traveling from Lake View or further, our proximity to major commuter routes and public transit options, including several bus lines and the L train, ensures easy access.

Nearby parking is plentiful, with several lots and garages offering spaces for visitors. Notable nearby landmarks include the iconic Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago, perfect for a relaxing stroll after your appointment.

Whether you're local or coming from afar, everything you need is just steps away from our doors, making your journey to a clearer vision as seamless as possible.

Navigating Your Way to Kraff Eye Institute from Lake View

Driving Directions:

  • Start from the center of Lake View near the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Halsted Street.
  • Head south on Halsted Street toward downtown Chicago.
  • Merge onto Lake Shore Drive southbound and continue as the skyline guides you.
  • Take the Randolph Street exit from Lake Shore Drive, turning west.
  • Proceed on Randolph Street, passing the cultural vibrancy of Millennium Park on your left.
  • Turn left onto State Street, then make a right onto E Washington Street.
  • Kraff Eye Institute is located at 25 E Washington St, Suite 606, near the Chicago Cultural Center.

Tip: Traffic can be denser during weekday mornings and late afternoons. Consider traveling outside these hours or allow extra travel time. Landmarks like the Willis Tower and Grant Park are good indicators you’re heading in the right direction.

Commuter Options

CTA Buses and Trains:

Multiple CTA bus routes run from Lake View to downtown. The most straightforward route is the #146 bus, which takes you directly to Michigan Avenue, close to the institute..


Services like Uber and Lyft are readily available in Lake View and can offer a direct route to the institute without the need for parking.

Downtown Stays and Dining Recommendations

Tip: Since LASIK requires minimal post-procedure activity, staying nearby ensures you can reach your follow-up appointment with ease and without the need to travel far after surgery.

Ready to See the World with New Eyes?

Don’t wait to achieve the clear vision you deserve. Book your consultation today at Kraff Eye Institute and take the first step towards a life with enhanced sight. Our team is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Phone: 312-757-7335
Address: 25 E Washington St Ste 606, Chicago, IL 60602
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Call us or visit our office to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your journey to improved vision. We look forward to welcoming you to the Kraff Eye Institute family.


Will I still need glasses after LASIK?

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Most patients experience significant improvements in their vision after LASIK and may no longer need glasses for most activities. However, some individuals might need reading glasses as they age due to normal changes in vision over time. During your consultation, we'll assess your specific needs and discuss what results you can expect.

What age is best for LASIK?

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The best candidates for LASIK are typically between the ages of 25 and 40.  This range ensures that your eyes have matured, and your prescription has stabilized. It’s important that candidates are over 18 and have had a consistent eye prescription for at least two years prior to the surgery.

What are the side effects of LASIK eye surgery?

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Common side effects of LASIK are typically mild and temporary. These can include dry eyes, glare, and halos around lights, particularly noticeable at night. Most of these effects diminish or disappear within several weeks or months. During your initial consultation at Kraff Eye Institute, we will provide detailed information about what to expect post-surgery and how to manage any side effects effectively.

Serving All of Chicago's Neighborhoods

While Kraff Eye Institute is centrally located in downtown Chicago, we are proud to extend our expert LASIK and vision correction services to residents across all neighborhoods of Chicago. 

Whether you're from the bustling streets of Lake View or the historic lanes of Hyde Park, our doors are open to you. Each community in our vibrant city has unique needs and lifestyles, and we are here to provide personalized eye care tailored to everyone. Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of neighborhoods we serve, ensuring that no matter where you live in Chicago, clear vision is just a short journey away.

Find us from Chicago Neighborhoods

Located in the heart of Chicago, IL, the Kraff Eye Institute is ideally situated to serve residents across the Chicagoland area. Our Chicago Neighborhoods institute is accessible from the following locations:

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