LASIK Savings Calculator

LASIK Savings Calculator


Calculate How Much You Can Save with LASIK

Welcome to the online LASIK savings calculator by Kraff Eye Institute! Discover how much you can save on LASIK surgery and explore the potential financial benefits of this life-changing procedure. When you look at what you spend year to year on glasses and contact lenses, it's easy to see how it can add up. Our easy-to-use LASIK cost calculator will provide you with an estimate of the long-term savings you could benefit from if you choose to get LASIK at the Kraff Eye Institute.

Please note that the calculator provides estimates based on the information you provide and general assumptions about future expenses. Personal cost will vary, and we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team for a personalized assessment.

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Can You Save with LASIK Eye Surgery?

We all like to save money, but many patients don't see how that is possible when choosing to have LASER eye surgery. It's important, however, to step back and look at the big picture when it comes to personal costs. The yearly expenses of wearing glasses and contact lenses can add up! The LASIK cost can be overwhelming when you compare that to what you spend in 1 year for your glasses and contacts. But look at the yearly cost over 5 years, then 10 years. Getting LASIK will definitely save you in the long run.

 About Healthier Eyes

LASIK - It's Not Just About Savings, It's Also About Healthier Eyes

Having LASIK surgery isn't just a smart way to save money, it can also be healthier for your eyes than contact lenses. People who wear contact lenses can experience dryness, especially when you factor in the long hours we spend looking at our computers, phones, iPads, etc. Contact lenses can also harbor bacteria which can cause infections and irritation to your eyes.

Imagine waking up and seeing your alarm clock without needing to reach for your glasses or without having to pop in your contact lenses. A clearer world is possible!

Why Choose LASIK at Kraff Eye Institute?

Why Choose LASIK at Kraff Eye Institute?

At Kraff Eye Institute, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art LASIK procedures performed by experienced surgeons using the latest, most advanced technology. With a track record of successful outcomes, our institute is committed to providing outstanding vision correction solutions. Elevate your vision correction journey by selecting LASIK at Kraff Eye Institute. Our renowned surgeons and cutting-edge technology ensure safe and accurate results.

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Can you really get LASIK for $250?

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While some advertisements might promote low-cost LASIK, it's crucial to consider hidden fees and the quality of care. At Kraff Eye Institute, we prioritize your safety and outcomes, offering transparent pricing without compromising quality care.

Is LASIK worth it financially?

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Yes, LASIK is definitely worth it financially. While the initial cost might be higher, it eliminates ongoing contact lenses costs, costs of eyeglasses, or an annual routine eye exam, potentially saving you money in the long term. Additionally, improved visual quality enhances your overall lifestyle.

Is there a cheaper alternative to LASIK?

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Alternative vision correction options do exist, but their effectiveness, safety, and long-term costs should be carefully weighed. Consult our experts at Kraff Eye Institute to explore the best option that will be tailored to your vision needs and financial considerations.

Are there financing options available for LASIK?

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Yes, at Kraff Eye Institute, we offer various financing options for LASIK. You can explore using a flexible spending account or check if your insurance coverage includes vision correction procedures. Our team can help you find the best payment plan for your needs.