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If you’re searching for a professional eye clinic in Schaumburg, Illinois the Kraff Eye Institute is here to serve you! Although we are located in Cook County, we gladly serve those in zip codes such as 60195, 60173, and 60194. Patients come to our Illinois eye center in Schaumburg for some of the best patient care available. We are proud to offer LASIK and PRK in Schaumburg, Il in a relaxed, comfortable, and professional environment. Dr. Kraff is one of the most respected surgeons in his field and the results he achieves for his patients speak for themselves.

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LASIK Eye Surgery in Schaumburg, Cook County

LASIK eye surgery in Schaumburg, Il is a common procedure to correct conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Rest assured that our physicians will conduct a thorough evaluation to make sure that you are a good candidate for this procedure.  

Every LASIK treatment that we provide is tailored to your unique needs, we have access to the most up to date technology to help minimize your recovery time and maximize your results. LASIK in Schaumburg shouldn’t be performed by just any team, however. It’s essential to find a doctor that you can trust such as Dr. Colman Kraff. 

PRK in Schaumburg, Illinois

In addition to LASIK, the Kraff Eye Institute is proud to offer PRK laser surgery for our patients. PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy and it’s performed to address refractive errors in the eyes such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Refractive errors mean that your eyes don’t bend light properly. PRK treatment doesn’t involve cutting a cornea flap as LASIK does. The best candidates for PRK have dry eyes, thin corneas, or a very active lifestyle. During this procedure, your surgeon will use a laser to reshape the cornea through pulsing ultraviolet light beams. The long-term vision from PRK is typically as good as it is with LASIK.

Other Schaumburg, IL Ophthalmology Treatment Services

In addition to LASIK and PRK procedures, we are happy to offer other eye treatments for Schaumburg residents.

Why Choose Us for Eye Surgery Near Schaumburg?

There are many options for surgeons and it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for your needs. As a top eye doctor in Schaumburg, Dr. Colman Kraff prides himself on helping his patients achieve excellent eyesight that they didn’t think was possible. 

When you choose our clinic, here’s what you can expect. 

  • The quality of our services is unmatched
  • Access to the latest technology to make your healing process easier
  • Excellent bedside manner 

Meet Our Doctors

Specializing In Refractive Eye Surgeries For Over 25 Years

Dr. Kraff works closely with industry manufactures as a principle investigator and consultant. As a result, he actively participates in the most recent FDA trials to ensure the best and most precise technology is available to patients.

Dr. Kraff was born and raised in Chicago. He enjoys running and photography, as well as, spending time with his wife, children, and granddaughter.

Dr. Cheryl Kraff-Cooper
Dr. Cheryl Kraff-Cooper, MD

Dr. Cheryl Kraff-Cooper is a specialist in comprehensive ophthalmology.

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Dr. Elizabeth Wickware
Dr. Elizabeth Wickware, O.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Wickware is an optometrist focusing on fitting specialty contact lenses for patients with irregular corneas.

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Christopher Pereira
Dr. Christopher Pereira, O.D.

Dr. Christopher Pereira specializes in comprehensive medical optometry, with a focus on vision rehabilitation and geriatric ocular disease.

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Dr. Ruchi Shah
Dr. Ruchi Shah, O.D., Dipl. of ABO

Dr. Ruchi Shah is an optometrist focused on medical and emergency eye examinations, including glaucoma evaluation and diabetic eye exams.

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How to Get to Kraff Eye Institute from Schaumburg

We’ve outlined driving directions to our clinic from Schaumburg.

  • Take Roselle Rd and Il-72 E/E Higgins Road to I-290 east and follow it to S Franklin St in Chicago. Take the Franklin St exit and continue onto S Franklin St. Drive to W Washington St
  • You can also take I-90 E from Roselle Rd and follow it to W Higgins Ave in Chicago. Take exit 81A from I-90 E and get on I-94 E from W Lawrence Ave. Continue on I-94 E to your destination and take exit 51C from I-90/I-94 E. Turn left onto W Washington Blvd and our practice will be on your right



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How much is LASIK surgery in Schaumburg, Illinois?

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The price of LASIK surgery in Schaumburg, Illinois depends on the surgeon’s experience in addition to the technology that’s being used. On average, patients can expect to pay $2,200 to $3,200 per eye. We are happy to discuss specifics with you during your consultation.

How much does PRK cost in Schaumburg, IL?

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PRK surgery averages between $3,600 and $5,600 for both eyes, meaning patients will pay anywhere from $1,800 to $2,800 per eye. The level of technology used and the doctor’s experience will factor into pricing.

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