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Custom Wavefront LASIK Surgery in Chicago

The Kraff Eye Institute has been at the forefront of LASER eye surgery since its inception. Here at our practice, we utilize the most advanced technology to give our patients their best results. Dr. Colman Kraff was one of the first doctors in the country to perform a custom wavefront-guided LASIK procedure and has played a key role in the advancement of technology over the past 3 decades. With over 30 years of experience, you will not find a more qualified surgeon than Dr. Kraff.

What is Wavefront LASIK

Wavefront-guided LASIK surgery utilizes software which creates a very detailed mapping of the cornea. These measurements allow Dr. Kraff to truly customize each procedure based on patient’s specific structural characteristics. At the Kraff Eye Institute, we utilize the iDesign 2.0 technology. This software provides the most advanced, highest definition, measurements which help to greatly reduce night-time glares and halos, the possible need for retreatment, and increasing the likelihood of seeing 20/20 or better!

How we can help with the Custom Wavefront LASIK procedure

Prior to surgery, a patient will need to have a dilated preoperative examination. This exam will take place after a patient has been out of their contact lenses for 1 to 4 weeks (depending on the type of contact lenses they wear). Staying out of contact lenses will allow the cornea to go back to its most natural shape, and in turn, help us to gather the most precise, accurate, measurements. Also, manual measurements will be performed and will be compared to the computerized measurements to ensure that everything is consistent and stable.

Types of custom LASIK procedures we do

In 2012, Dr. Kraff participated in the FDA clinical trial which helped to get the iDesign software approved. This software gives us the most advanced, highest definition, measurements of a patient’s cornea. These measurements are what allow us to customize treatments based on each patient’s specific needs.

Why choose us for the Wavefront LASIK procedure in Chicagoland

The Kraff Eye Institute has been performing LASER eye surgeries since the beginning. With over 3 decades of experience, you will not meet a more qualified surgeon and a more knowledgeable staff. Our practice prides itself on putting safety and care above all other measures. Should you decide to move forward with our practice, you can rest assured that your vision is in the best hands.

Dr. Colman R. Kraff

About Your Doctor

Dr. Colman Kraff is a corneal specialist who has been performing LASER eye surgery for the past 3 decades. Dr. Kraff was a part of the initial 1991 FDA clinical studies which later helped to get both PRK and LASIK approved. For the past 30 years, Dr. Kraff has continued to work with the FDA on advancing LASIK surgery and making it more accessible to those patients who are tired of being dependent on glasses and contact lenses.

Wavefront’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Wavefront’s Pros

Wavefront technology allows us to truly customize each procedure based on a patient’s specific structural characteristics. By customizing each treatment, it greatly reduces the likelihood of sensitivity to glares and halos at nighttime, it helps to increase the probability of our patients seeing 20/20 or better, and it minimizes the possibility of needing an enhancement later on in life.

Wavefront’s Cons

LASIK surgery is a safe and effective treatment that is performed all over the world. All surgical procedures come with some potential risks and Dr. Kraff will discuss those with you when you’re here for your initial consultation. Safety is Dr. Kraff’s number one concern when determining if someone is a good candidate for surgery.


Do you have alternatives to Wavefront LASIK?

For patients who fall outside of treatable parameters for LASIK, there are alternative options to help lessen your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. When here for an initial consultation, Dr. Kraff will discuss with you all your surgical options and will only recommend what he feels is safest for you.

Would anyone who qualifies for LASIK be considered a candidate for a Custom Wavefront LASIK Surgery?

There are specific parameters that must be looked at when determining if someone falls within the treatable range for surgery. When a patient is here for their initial consultation, Dr. Kraff will look at a number of factors to see whether surgery is a safe option and whether custom wavefront technology is the best choice for you.

How much is wavefront LASIK eye surgery cost?

The average cost of a wavefront-guided LASIK procedure can range between $2200 to $3200 per eye.

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