Dr. Colman Kraff

Meet Dr. Colman Kraff

Committed to advancing new technologies in the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Colman Kraff helped to pioneer laser vision correction. In February of 1991, as part of a five-site, U.S., FDA clinical trial team, Dr. Kraff successfully performed the first excimer laser procedures in the Chicagoland area using the VISX Excimer Laser.

Since that time, Dr. Kraff and the Kraff Eye Institute have devoted their practice to specializing in laser vision correction. The Kraff Eye Institute has been and continues to be the lead U.S. investigative site for all VISX LASIK FDA clinical trials.

Dr. Colman Kraff also performed:

  • the 1st Laser Vision Correction procedure in Chicago post FDA approval;
  • the 1st Wavefront guided treatment in the United States;
  • the 1st farsighted procedure in the USA on the Visx Laser;
  • the 1st iDesign treatment in the United States.

In a world where technology is constantly changing, there has been 1 consistent force behind the advancement of LASER eye surgery. That force is Dr. Kraff.

Dr. Colman Kraff

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"Ultimately the LASIK procedure gives our patients more freedom within their lifestyle."

— Dr. Colman Kraff

Clinical Trials Conducted


Have you lectured or done any writing regarding LASER eye surgery?

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Dr. Colman Kraff is a pioneer in LASER Vision Correction surgery, also known as Refractive surgery, and has had many articles published and has been asked to speak all over the world on Refractive surgeries.

Have you participated in research studies?

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Dr. Colman Kraff has participated in dozens of FDA studies. For additional information, please, look at the clinical trials conducted by Dr. Kraff on the doctor's page of our website.

How long have you been performing a laser vision correction surgery?

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Dr. Colman Kraff is a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction. He has been doing laser vision correction in Chicago since 1991, when he was selected as one of the ten investigational sites in the original FDA clinical trials that found laser vision correction as a safe and effective treatment for eligible patients. Dr. Kraff offers the kind of knowledge and experience that you can trust with your eyes. He continues to pioneer and participate in the FDA clinical trials of new laser vision technology.

How many procedures have you performed in your Chicago LASIK offices?

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Dr. Colman Kraff has performed over 70,000 laser procedures with the state-of-the-art VISX laser since 1991, making him the most experienced doctor in the Midwest. Dr. Kraff continues to operate with the highest levels of precision, safety, and patient satisfaction.

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