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Dr. Elizabeth Wickware

Dr. Elizabeth Wickware

Dr. Elizabeth Wickware, O.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Wickware is an optometrist focusing on fitting specialty contact lenses for patients with irregular corneas. She is experienced with fitting scleral lenses, hybrid lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses including torics and multifocals, and reverse geometry lenses. She fits contact lens patients who have keratoconus, post-corneal transplant irregularities, post-surgical ectasia, corneal degenerations and scars, large amounts of astigmatism, and severe dry eye conditions such as Sjogren's syndrome.

She received her undergraduate degree from Duke University and graduated from SUNY College of Optometry in New York City. She graduated with both her doctorate degree and a master's degree in vision science, focusing on computer vision syndrome. She also completed a fellowship with the Scleral Lens Education Society. She is an active member of the American Optometric Association and the Illinois Optometric Association.

Having grown up in the Chicago area, Dr. Wickware enjoys raising her two young boys here now, and loves to take them on local adventures.

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