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Welcome to Kraff Eye Institute, your premier destination for LASIK eye surgery in the heart of Chicago, conveniently accessible from Little Village. At Kraff Eye Institute, led by the world-renowned Dr. Colman Kraff, we've been pioneering advanced laser eye surgery for over 35 years, right here in downtown Chicago.

For residents of Little Village seeking exceptional eye care, making the short journey to our state-of-the-art facility means accessing a level of expertise and technological advancement that’s hard to find elsewhere. Here, you’re not just choosing a LASIK procedure; you're choosing a lifetime of clear vision backed by a leader in the field.

Discover why making the trip from Little Village to our clinic is a decision that many have made for the advantage of unparalleled eye care. 

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Nestled in the bustling heart of Chicago, Kraff Eye Institute is surrounded by the vibrant pulse of the city's downtown area. Located at 25 E Washington St, our clinic is ideally situated amidst some of Chicago's most iconic landmarks and commercial hubs. As you approach the Institute, you'll find yourself at the intersection of culture and convenience.

Directly adjacent to our facilities are several renowned businesses and shopping destinations, adding to the convenience for our patients and their families. For those accompanying our patients or for the patients themselves before or after appointments, the area teems with engaging activities and sights.  

Notable landmarks near the Institute include the famous Millennium Park, just a short walk away, where you can admire the reflections in "The Bean" or enjoy a tranquil afternoon amidst urban nature.

For your convenience, parking options are abundant around the area. Several parking garages and street parking are available within walking distance of the Institute, ensuring that your visit is as hassle-free as possible. Whether you're driving in or using public transport, the central location makes it easily accessible.

Driving Directions:

  • Start at the center of Little Village, near the intersection of 26th St and Pulaski Rd.
  • Head north on Pulaski Rd toward W 24th St.
  • Turn right onto W Cermak Rd and follow until you reach S Ashland Ave.
  • Continue on S Ashland Ave, then merge onto I-290 E toward downtown.
  • Take the Wacker Dr exit and continue north until you reach E Washington St.
  • Turn right onto E Washington St; Kraff Eye Institute will be on your right, between Wabash Ave and Michigan Ave.

Consider the time of day when planning your trip as traffic can be denser during morning and evening rush hours. Landmarks along your route include the expansive Union Park and the historic architecture of the Chicago Loop area. Alternatively, try these commuter options:

Downtown Stays and Restaurants:

For those traveling from Little Village or other parts of Chicago, considering an overnight stay in downtown Chicago can enhance the comfort and convenience of your LASIK surgery experience at Kraff Eye Institute. Post-procedure, patients are advised to rest, making a nearby accommodation a wise choice.


  • The Palmer House Hilton: A historic and luxurious choice, located just a few blocks from the Institute. It offers spacious, comfortable rooms perfect for a post-surgery stay.
  • The Silversmith Hotel: Known for its boutique charm and exceptional service, this hotel is less than a 10-minute walk to our clinic.


  • The Gage: Ideal for a relaxed meal, this upscale tavern offers hearty American cuisine in a comfortable setting, a gentle way to end your day before surgery.
  • Italian Village: A trio of Italian restaurants under one roof, located nearby, offering everything from casual to fine dining, perfect for a pre-surgery meal or a comforting post-surgery dinner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Chicago the Best Place to Get LASIK?

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Chicago stands out as an ideal location for LASIK surgery due to its concentration of top-tier medical facilities and leading experts in ophthalmology, like those at Kraff Eye Institute. The Institutes commitment to medical innovation and access to cutting-edge technology ensures you receive the most advanced treatment options. Additionally,has a robust transportation infrastructure that makes it easily accessible for both local and out-of-town patients, providing convenience that complements the high quality of care.

How Long Does LASIK Last in Chicago?

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LASIK surgery offers a permanent correction to most common vision issues such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. While the procedure itself is quick, often taking only about 15 minutes for both eyes, the results are designed to last a lifetime. It's important to have regular follow-up visits, as recommended by your surgeon at Kraff Eye Institute, to ensure your eyes remain in top condition. The longevity of the results, coupled with Chicago's climate and environmental conditions, makes LASIK an excellent choice for residents and visitors alike.

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth the Price?

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Absolutely. While the initial cost of LASIK may seem significant, it's an investment in your vision that often pays off in the long run. Considering the recurring expenses associated with prescription glasses and contact lenses, LASIK can be more economical over time. Moreover, the value of enhanced quality of life, and convenience cannot be overstated. At Kraff Eye Institute in Chicago, we ensure that our patients not only receive the best surgical experience but also benefit from the cost-effectiveness of the procedure in the long term.

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