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Discover Leading LASIK Eye Surgery in Chicago Near Bridgeport

When considering LASIK eye surgery, choosing the right facility is crucial. For residents of Bridgeport and the surrounding areas, Kraff Eye Institute in downtown Chicago represents a leading choice for vision correction.

Led by Dr. Colman Kraff, a pioneer in laser eye surgery, our institute has been at the forefront of advanced vision correction technology for over three decades. Our commitment to excellence and proximity to Bridgeport makes us the preferred destination for those seeking to enhance their vision and improve their quality of life.

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Vision Transformation at Kraff Eye Institute

At Kraff Eye Institute, we specialize in a range of advanced vision correction treatments designed to meet your unique needs. Our primary service, LASIK eye surgery, utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art VISX laser technology, ensuring precise and tailored outcomes, along with the highest levels of safety.

Whether you’re looking to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, our expert team is here to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring comfort and clarity in your vision restoration journey.

Setting the Standard: Why Kraff Eye Institute Stands Out in Chicago

At Kraff Eye Institute, our excellence lies in our pioneering approach and our deep-rooted commitment to advancing laser eye surgery technology. Dr. Colman Kraff was one of the first ophthalmologists in Chicago to perform the VISX Excimer Laser procedure—a testament to our leadership in the field. Our participation in FDA clinical trials allows us to offer the most innovative treatments ahead of others, ensuring you receive the most advanced care available.

For residents of Bridgeport and the broader Chicago area, accessing our downtown location is a breeze. Positioned in the heart of the city, Kraff Eye Institute is easily accessible via multiple public transportation routes, making your journey to clear vision both simple and stress-free.  

Our central location not only makes us a convenient choice but also places you near the vibrant pulse of Chicago, where cutting-edge healthcare meets urban convenience.

Explore Our Surroundings: A Virtual Tour Around Kraff Eye Institute

Nestled on East Washington Street, Kraff Eye Institute is surrounded by the bustling energy of downtown Chicago. As you approach our facility, you'll find yourself amidst a blend of historic architecture and modern skyscrapers, painting a picturesque backdrop for your visit.  

Nearby, the cultural allure of Millennium Park offers a serene escape with its iconic Cloud Gate sculpture and lush green spaces, perfect for a calming stroll before or after your appointment.

Around the corner, you'll discover a variety of boutique shops and cozy cafes, ideal for relaxing while you prepare for your procedure or recover from it. For those who might be traveling from out of town, several upscale hotels are just a stone's throw away, providing luxurious accommodations and easy access to our institute.  

While parking in downtown Chicago can be a challenge, numerous parking garages and street parking options are available near our location, ensuring you can arrive stress-free and on time for your appointment.

Driving to Kraff Eye Institute from Bridgeport

  • Start at the center of Bridgeport near the intersection of Halsted and 31st Street.
  • Head north on S Halsted St toward W 26th St.
  • Turn right onto W Roosevelt Rd.
  • Continue on I-290 E, take the exit toward downtown. You’ll spot Willis Tower as you approach downtown.
  • Follow W Congress Pkwy, turn left onto S State St.
  • Turn right onto E Washington St; KEI will be on your left, just past the Chicago Cultural Center.

Tip: Traffic can be denser during weekday mornings and late afternoons. Consider traveling mid-day or early evening.

Reaching Us Without a Car

CTA Buses:

Multiple bus routes service the Bridgeport area to downtown. Routes such as the #8 Halsted and #4 Cottage Grove offer direct access to the city center.

CTA Train:

The Orange Line train from Halsted Station provides a swift and scenic route into downtown, disembarking at State/Lake Station which is a short walk to KEI.

Downtown Stays and Dining: Enhancing Your LASIK Experience

After your LASIK surgery, consider the convenience and comfort of staying in one of downtown Chicago’s premier hotels. The Palmer House Hilton and The Chicago Hotel Collection offer luxurious accommodations that are just minutes away from KEI. These hotels provide the perfect setting to rest after your procedure, especially since a quick follow-up visit is needed the day after your surgery.

For dining, downtown Chicago boasts an array of options. Close to KEI, you’ll find Park Grill at Millennium Park, where you can enjoy contemporary American cuisine in a relaxing outdoor setting. For a more intimate dining experience, The Gage offers refined comfort food and is just a leisurely walk from the clinic. Remember, it’s advised to have a meal and rest as soon as possible post-surgery to aid in your recovery.

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Ready to transform your vision with the experts at Kraff Eye Institute? Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards clear, precise vision. Call us or visit our clinic in the heart of Chicago—your clearer path to life begins here.

Phone: 312-757-7335
25 E Washington St Ste 606, Chicago, IL 60602
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Your vision is our priority. Contact us to book your consultation and start your journey to a clear vision.  


Why is Chicago the Best Place to Get LASIK?

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Chicago stands out as an ideal location for LASIK due to its concentration of top-tier medical facilities and pioneering eye care professionals like Dr. Colman Kraff. The city's vibrant medical community fosters a competitive environment where only the most advanced and effective procedures thrive.Plus, having access to cutting-edge FDA clinical trials and a variety of post-operative amenities within the city ensures that your LASIK experience and care remain unparalleled.

How Long Does LASIK Last in Chicago?

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In Chicago, as with anywhere, LASIK can potentially last a lifetime. The procedure is designed to reshape the cornea permanently, correcting vision issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Most patients enjoy stable vision long-term, although prescriptions may change slightly with age. Follow-up care in Chicago's top medical facilities, including Kraff Eye Institute, ensures you maintain the best possible vision for years to come.

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth the Price?

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Yes, for many people, LASIK eye surgery is well worth the investment. Beyond the obvious benefit of improved vision, LASIK can be cost-effective over time, reducing the ongoing expenses associated with glasses and contact lenses. Considering the procedure's high success rate and the enhancement in life quality, many find that the initial cost is justified. At Kraff Eye Institute, we offer comprehensive care and advanced technology that maximize the value of your investment in your vision.

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