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Leading LASIK Eye Surgery in Chicago: Transform Your Vision in West Loop

Are you located in the West Loop and searching for top-tier LASIK eye surgery in Chicago? Look no further than Kraff Eye Institute, conveniently located at 25 E Washington St.

While not in the West Loop itself, many of your neighbors have chosen to make the short drive to our downtown Chicago facility, famous for our renowned expertise and advanced technology. At Kraff Eye Institute, we pride ourselves on a legacy of firsts—including the groundbreaking use of the VISX Excimer Laser—making us the go-to destination for anyone considering eye surgery.

Discover why residents from the West Loop trust their vision to us, enjoying unparalleled results enhancing their lifestyle.

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Precision Vision Treatments Tailored for You

At Kraff Eye Institute, your vision is our priority. Our flagship service, LASIK eye surgery, is complemented by a suite of advanced vision correction procedures tailored to meet diverse needs.  

Whether you're exploring PRK, or customized cataract surgeries, our clinic harnesses state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques to ensure optimal outcomes.  

Dr. Colman Kraff's pioneering approach to refractive surgery, using the VISX Excimer Laser, offers precision that is second to none, making us a leader in LASIK eye surgery in Chicago and beyond.

Stand Out Vision Care in Chicago’s Heart

What sets Kraff Eye Institute apart? It's not just our commitment to excellence and safety—it's our dedication to making top-tier eye care accessible.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, near the West Loop, our institute is a convenient choice for anyone in the city. Easy access via public transit or major roads makes your journey to clearer vision both simple and stress-free.

With Dr. Kraff, a nationally recognized leader in ophthalmology, and our role in FDA clinical trials for pioneering new technologies, you will receive care that’s at the forefront of medical advances.

Our patients don't just come to us for surgery, they come for a lifetime of better vision and the highest level of patient satisfaction available in the region.

Near Kraff Eye Institute

Situated in the bustling heart of downtown Chicago, Kraff Eye Institute is not only a center for premier eye care but also a gateway to experiencing the vibrant city life. Located at 25 E Washington St Ste 606, the institute is surrounded by the rich tapestry of Chicago's architectural marvels and cultural landmarks.

As you step out of the Kraff Eye Institute, you are on historic E Washington Street, a street that pulses with the energy of Chicago’s business and retail sectors. To the north, the iconic Millennium Park offers a serene escape with its famous Cloud Gate sculpture (affectionally known as "The Bean") and lush green spaces. It’s an ideal spot for a relaxing walk post-consultation or for family members to enjoy while you’re at your appointment.

Adjacent to the clinic is the Chicago Cultural Center, known for its stunning stained-glass domes and an array of free public events, art exhibits, and performances. Just a block away, State Street houses a variety of retail options from high-end boutiques to popular department stores, perfect for a bit of leisure after your eye care session.

This central location not only makes Kraff Eye Institute accessible but also places you at the doorstep of Chicago's most dynamic neighborhoods, turning a visit for eye care into an opportunity for memorable experiences.

Driving Directions from West Loop to Kraff Eye Institute

  • Start at the intersection of W Madison St and N Racine Ave in West Loop: Head east on W Madison St toward the city center.
  • Continue on W Madison St to Wacker Dr.: During weekdays, consider taking this route before 8 AM to avoid the morning rush.
  • Turn left onto N Wacker Dr.: As you drive along Wacker Dr, you’ll pass by the scenic Chicago Riverwalk—a great landmark to recognize you are on the right track.
  • Turn right onto N State St.: This area is bustling, particularly near the Chicago Theatre; if traveling during evening hours or weekends, expect vibrant street life and occasional delays.
  • Turn left onto E Washington St.: You will pass by landmarks such as Daley Plaza and the Picasso sculpture. Look for parking near here as you approach the destination.
  • Kraff Eye Institute is located at 25 E Washington St Ste 606. Arrive at the institute, with several parking garages available nearby, including the Washington-Madison/Wells Self Park.

Commuter Options from West Loop to Kraff Eye Institute

CTA Green and Pink Lines:

Take the Green or Pink Line from Clinton to Washington/Wells station. It’s a short walk from there to the institute.

CTA Bus Services:

Multiple bus routes like the #20 Madison and #56 Milwaukee offer stops within walking distance to E Washington St.

Ride-Sharing Services:

Uber and Lyft are readily available in West Loop and can provide a direct route to the institute without the need to navigate public parking.

Dine and Unwind: Downtown Chicago Accommodations and Eateries

For patients traveling to Kraff Eye Institute from other areas of Chicago, considering a downtown stay is advisable, especially after LASIK surgery which necessitates rest and a follow-up visit the next day. Here are top picks for comfort and convenience:



Given the proximity to the clinic, these options not only minimize travel post-surgery but also enhance your recovery experience in the heart of Chicago.

Take the Next Step Towards Clear Vision

Ready to experience life with clear vision? Contact Kraff Eye Institute today to schedule your consultation. Our team is eager to guide you through the process and help you achieve the vision you deserve.

Phone Number: 312-757-7335
Address: 25 E Washington St Ste 606, Chicago, IL 60602
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Call us or visit our website to learn more and book your appointment. We look forward to welcoming you and providing world-class eye care tailored to your needs.


Who is not eligible for LASIK in Chicago?

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LASIK surgery offers incredible benefits, but it's not suitable for everyone. In Chicago, individuals under the age of 18, those with unstable vision prescriptions, or individuals with certain medical conditions such as severe dry eyes, keratoconus, or autoimmune disorders may not be eligible. Pregnant or nursing mothers are also advised to wait. A comprehensive consultation at Kraff Eye Institute can determine if LASIK is the right choice for you, based on your unique ocular health.

Is Chicago Weather Harsh on Eyes Post-Surgery?

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Chicago's weather, characterized by its windy conditions and harsh winters, can pose challenges for anyone, especially after eye surgery. Post-LASIK, it’s crucial to shield your eyes from the wind and cold, which can exacerbate dryness. (1) We recommend wearing protective eyewear and using lubricating eye drops during recovery. Our team provides personalized care instructions to help you navigate the city’s climate while ensuring a smooth recovery.

How Much Does LASIK Cost in Chicago?

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The cost of LASIK in Chicago can vary depending on several factors, including the technology used and the specifics of each patient's needs. At Kraff Eye Institute, we strive to provide transparent pricing tailored to the services you require. While prices can range generally from $2,000 to $3,000 per eye, we offer detailed consultations to provide you with a precise quote. Investing in LASIK with us ensures access to top-tier technology and expert care, making it a valuable long-term investment in your vision.

Browse Other Neighborhoods

Kraff Eye Institute is proud to serve not just those in the immediate downtown area but across numerous neighborhoods in Chicago. Whether you're from Lincoln Park, River North, or beyond, our doors are open to you. Each area brings its unique spirit to our clinic, and we are dedicated to providing tailored eye care that meets the diverse needs of our city’s residents.

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