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How Soon Can You Fly After Laser Eye Surgery?

May 20, 2022

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Once you’ve got your new vision, the world starts calling. But can you fly after LASIK eye surgery? How soon can you fly after LASIK? Not to worry. Flying after eye surgery is usually not a concern. This article will go over all the details.  

Can I Fly After Lasik Eye Surgery?

Can I Fly After Lasik Eye Surgery

Flying after LASIK is generally uneventful. However, it’s important to keep the eyes lubricated for the trip. The humidity in aircraft cabins is exceedingly low, and this environment can be very drying to the eyes. The eyes will already be temporarily dry from the surgery itself, so it’s important to use artificial tears frequently to keep them moist. Be sure the eye drops you use don’t contain a decongestant, sometimes called a redness-reliever, as these can be drying to the eyes. Brands that commonly contain decongestants are Visine, Clear Eyes, Naphcon and Opcon.

How Soon Can I Fly After Lasik?

How Soon Can I Fly After Lasik

How soon after eye surgery can I fly? Usually by the next day, if not, within a few days. The day after surgery, you will be scheduled for a follow-up. This visit is critical to ensuring that everything is healing appropriately. After this appointment, many doctors will give you clearance to fly.

Flying For Vacation After Lasik

Flying For Vacation After Lasik

Getting on a plane is one thing; you also need to consider what you’ll be doing when you land. Certainly, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing sunglasses, but that always holds true, regardless of prior surgery. You’ll also have some restrictions relating to swimming and water sports. Most patients can resume swimming, indoors or outdoors, after 1 week following their procedure. As far as water sports, you’ll get clearance for low-impact activities before high-impact, usually somewhere between 2-4 weeks. So, can you fly after eye surgery? You can, but you may want to wait if your trip involves a lot of activities in the water.


So, can you fly after LASIK? The short answer is yes. Most doctors don’t see a problem with laser eye surgery and flying, but you’ll want to check with yours to get their specific recommendation.

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