How Long After LASIK Can I Drive?

How Long After LASIK Can I Drive?

May 30, 2022

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About 700,000 people get LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses) in the United States every year. The Kraff Eye Institute of Chicago is the nation’s leading provider of LASIK surgery. Focused on state-of-the-art techniques, you can trust Dr. Coleman Kraff to deliver top-notch results, improving quality of life for years to come. Speaking of quality of life, one of the most pressing questions after refractive surgery is, how soon can I drive after LASIK?

Vision After LASIK Surgery

Vision after LASIK recovers very quickly; in fact, you’ll likely notice an improvement almost immediately. However, there is still a period of recovery after surgery where intermittent blur will occur. The cornea is healing, and this takes a little time. Because of this, care should be taken initially with activities that require critical vision, such as driving.

Can You Drive After LASIK?

You may be wondering; can I drive after LASIK consultation? This visit generally requires dilation of your pupils, so it’s best to have a driver. You’ll also want a driver on the day of surgery, as you’ll be sedated.

Now you’re wondering, can you drive the day after LASIK surgery? No, you’ll still need a driver that day. Although your vision will be considerably clearer, there may still be times of blur as the cornea heals.

So now you’re asking, how soon can I drive after LASIK surgery then? Everybody’s different. Ask your doctor at your follow-up visit on the day after your LASIK procedure. You may be able to resume driving at that time, if not within a few days.

Night Vision Issues After LASIK 

Night Vision Issues After LASIK 

Some people experience challenges with night vision after LASIK. This may include halos, glare, and other difficulties. This is normal and improves with time. However, you’ll want to be careful until you’ve adapted to your LASIK night vision.

It may be wise to have a family member, friend, or ride-sharing service do the driving at night until you are no longer experiencing difficulties. Pay attention to your vision at night when you’re a passenger, and you’ll be able to monitor your vision improvement over time.

How Soon After LASIK Can I Drive During the Day?

So, when can you drive after LASIK? After surgery, your vision may be so clear that you feel as though you’ve earned a LASIK driver’s license; however, you’ll want to wait for your doctor’s approval to resume driving.

On your follow-up visit scheduled for the day after surgery, you and your doctor will discuss returning to driving. If your vision measures where it should, and everything is healing appropriately, your doctor may very well clear you to drive at that point.

How Long After LASIK Can I Drive at Night?

Driving at night may take a little longer to return to for some people. Halos and glare occasionally pose difficulties with night driving. Everyone’s healing is different, but it may be a week or more before driving at night is advisable. Talk to your doctor about your individual situation, and they should be able to give you a time estimate on when you can return to nighttime driving.


When contemplating LASIK, a lot of questions can arise, and that’s normal. Chicago’s Kraff Eye Institute offers complimentary LASIK consultations, where you can get all your questions answered about driving after LASIK and much more. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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