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Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

January 28, 2022

Many people contemplating options for correcting their vision naturally consider LASIK. But does insurance cover LASIK eye surgery? Some vision insurance policies offer benefits that can help cover the cost of laser eye surgery, but sometimes only for specific situations. It’s important to carefully study your insurance policies to determine what kind of coverage you have for laser vision correction.

Is LASIK Covered by Insurance?

Does vision insurance cover LASIK? The answer is completely contingent on your individual insurance plan. LASIK eye surgery is elective surgery, meaning it is optional, and therefore not medically necessary. However, it is possible to have some coverage, depending on your insurance provider.

Health insurance companies will generally cover contact lenses and glasses, but vision insurance plans are created to help cover eye care. Some vision plans include benefits that can cover a portion of the cost of laser vision correction.

Does Insurance Cover LASIK for Astigmatism?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get vision insurance to cover LASIK for astigmatism. As discussed, most insurance companies classify LASIK as an elective procedure and consider contacts and glasses acceptable alternatives to surgery.

How Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

Many people believe that an insurance provider might cover the cost of LASIK eye surgery under certain circumstances, such as occupation or having medical conditions like severe allergies or severe dry eyes. But you must remember that LASIK surgery is elective, and therefore, coverage is rare since it is not considered medically necessary.

Does Illinois Medicaid cover LASIK eye surgery?

Considering federal and Illinois state assistance for surgery begs the next questions: Does Medicaid cover LASIK? Does Medicare cover LASIK surgery? The answer is often no. Neither covers elective eye surgery unless it can be certified as medically necessary. Because surgery is elective, it is difficult to establish necessity. If proven, you will want to find a practice that accepts Medicare and or Medicaid. It would be beneficial to speak with your Medicare and Medicaid provider beforehand to get a better understanding if LASIK surgery would be covered.

Ways to Save on LASIK Surgery

Illinois Medicaid Lasik

Below are a few options to help manage the cost of LASIK.

Financing Plans

In order to help their patients pay their part of the cost, many surgical practices offer financing options for patients who qualify. Financing plans are essentially payment plans with affordable interest rates. Often, patients will choose to use their no or low-interest credits cards, which offer air travel miles or other rewards.


Some companies and employers offer FSAs (Flexible Spending Arrangements) or HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) so employees can set aside tax-free money that they can later use for any qualified procedure, including LASIK eye surgery. Check with your benefits manager to determine your company’s policies on using FSAs and HSAs for LASIK.


Bonuses are another way to help cover the cost of LASIK if you choose to prioritize vision correction. Bonuses can be in the form of tax refunds, a signing bonus for a new job, a bonus from a current job, financial windfalls, or even cash gifts. The recent stimulus checks given during the COVID-19 pandemic are an excellent example of an unexpected financial windfall.

Check-in with HR-manager

There is usually someone at your place of employment, generally a human resource manager or an office manager, who is responsible for company benefits. Your HR manager will be able to answer your questions regarding your vision plan, including the most pressing: “does insurance cover LASIK?” This person can also discuss other benefits with you to help cover the cost, like FSAs and HSAs.


When considering LASIK eye surgery, it is essential to consult an ophthalmologist specializing in vision correction. A full exam that measures vision function and evaluates the health of the eyes will help assess the medical need for the procedure. So, is LASIK surgery covered by insurance? If you are a good candidate, consult your benefits manager to study your policies and determine potential coverage. Make an appointment at Kraff Eye Institute and get all of your questions answered about LASIK from an expert in the field.

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