Routine Eye Exams

At Kraff Eye Institute, we believe routine exams are a critical component of your eye health as it helps to detect any problems or changes at an early stage. We will conduct a series of tests to measure your visual acuity, check for diseases, and determine the cause of any visual changes you may be experiencing. Many eye diseases (such as glaucoma) may not have warning signs and it is important to make visiting your eye doctor an annual event to help maintain your visual health.

If you have glasses or contact lenses, make sure to bring them to the appointment. Our doctors will want to check your current prescription and make sure it is still right for you. You should plan on being at the office for about an hour.

To schedule your annual eye exam call (312) 444-1111 or use our Vision Correction Consultation form.

Schedule Appointment

To schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you would qualify for LASIK, PRK, or a KAMRA Inlay please call (312) 444-1111, or use the button below. Please note, consultations are only complimentary for patients who haven’t had a LASER procedure done before on their eyes. All other appointments are billed to your major medical insurance.

Please check with your insurance provider to see if our doctors are in your network.

While many businesses here in the loop are boarded up, we want to reassure our patientsthat we are still open and committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for you to be seen in. Please call our office at 312-444-1111 to schedule an appointment.