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Chicago LASIK Options

Dr. Kraff is proud to be one of the first doctors in Illinois to offer the Kamra inlay procedure to counteract presbyopia in aging adults. Here, Dr. Kraff discusses his involvement with the Kamra inlay.

LASIK in Chicago

Is LASIK Surgery for Everyone?

Dr. Colman Kraff, Chicago LASIK Surgeon

Options for Vision Correction

Patient Testimonials

Chicago LASIK Testimonial Triathlete

Watch as these Chicago triathletes undergo LASIK Surgery as they prepare for the Chicago Triathlon.

LASIK Patient Reviews

Chicago LASIK Patient, Kraff Eye Institute

Chicago Testimonials LASIK

Listen to one our patients discuss their LASIK experience with Kraff Eye. The Kraff Eye Institute has been performing LASIK in Chicago longer than any other facility.

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