Kamra Inlay

Who Needs KAMRA® Inlay?

In your 40s and 50s, you will begin to experience the frustrating effects of blurry near vision. Simple, mundane tasks such as reading your newspaper, seeing your computer screen or even sending a text can become difficult. This natural loss of your reading vision is called presbyopia (prez-bee-OH-pee-ah), and at some point, it will affect everyone, even if you never needed glasses or contacts previously. The Kraff Eye Institute is proud to be one of the first clinics in Illinois to offer the Kamra inlay procedure to counteract presbyopia in aging adults.

Watch this short video overviewing Kamra Inlay and download our patient brochure.

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Why Does Presbyopia Happen?

Your eye's lens is normally elastic and flexible. The lens functions like a camera to automatically adjust and focus our vision letting you automatically switch our gaze from something near to something far away. Over time, the lens in your eye begins to stiffen. It can't bend into the right shapes to bring close objects into clear focus. To compensate, you end up moving objects further away to help your eye to focus.

Presbyopia continues to progress over time. For example, someone who is 45 may only notice it when trying to read tiny print in low light. However, someone who is 50 may need to use reading glasses many times throughout the day.

How does KAMRA® Inlay Treatment affect Presbyopi?

The KAMRA inlay treatment is a procedure that restores near vision and rids you from the constant frustrations of reading glasses. The KAMRA inlay sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea. Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, the KAMRA inlay is a mini-ring with an opening -- or pinhole -- in the center. The inlay uses this pinhole to focus light coming into the eye. This restores near vision while maintaining distance vision.

How do I know if I am a Candidate for KAMRA®?

The ideal candidates for KAMRA is between 40 and 65 years old and has noticed the progression of presbyopia, but whose eyes are otherwise healthy. We are offering complimentary consultations for the KAMRA procedure, and anyone interested can call (312) 444-1111 or contact us through our website. For additional qualifications, you can also visit the official Kamra wesbite at www.kamra.com.

To find out more about the Kamra inlays and the potential to restore your near vision, schedule a consultation with the Kraff Eye Institute by calling (312) 444-1111.

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